Monday 15 October 2018
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3 Smart Tricks to Try If You Want to Pull Off a Tight-Fitted Dress This Homecoming

As much as we love the airy and breezy slip dresses in summer, we are also quite fond of the glitzy and glamorous bodycon. It might feel extremely comfortable in the summer or shift dresses but sometimes you also need a dress that hugs your body tight, and especially if the occasion is as special as your Homecoming. It is that time of the year again when you get together with your batchmates and meet your seniors. Or maybe a couple of exes too! So, how can you look nothing less than a million bucks? There are plenty of bodycon dresses that you can find both online and offline which will truly enhance your glamour quotient by manifold on the Homecoming day. Right from knee-length bodycon with spaghetti straps to the short, halter neck fitted dresses, you can try a lot of things this Homecoming.

However, wearing the tight Homecoming dresses can be a little daunting as it requires the careful consideration of a few things. Otherwise, you might have a few oops-moments. And you surely don’t want to feel embarrassed on this special day. So, here, we have put together a few tips that will help pull off these tight-fitted dresses with much confidence and élan. Take a look.

  • Draw attention to the upper portion

All of us want to sport a bodycon because it is the perfect way to flaunt your perfect body and declare to the world that you are in the best shape. But how many of us are actually in the best shape? Not every one of you can say that you have the perfectly toned body. And that is why some of us even shy away from wearing a well-fitted dress. But you should not let anything stop you from wearing what you want to. That is why you can always try a trick or two to camouflage the not-so-flat belly, which is the main problem area when it comes to bodycon. You should try to distract your audience from the middle section of your body and focus on the upper part. You can do so with the help of an attractive neckline. Choose an off-shoulder or a plunging v-neckline or simply opt for an embellished neckline that will grab attention.

  • Try to work with the darker hues

Whenever you don a bodycon or a tight dress, you should try to opt for a darker shade. The dark colors tend to cut down a few inches naturally as they can hide the creases, bumps, or folds in your body. So, unless you have been spending a lot of time at the gym to get that flat body, you should pick dark blues, wine reds, or black for your bodycon Homecoming dress. And darker shades have a mystery about them which can perfectly exude the mood of any party. So, let’s just say that your secret is well safe with these darker hues!

  • Invest in Proper Shapewear & Appropriate Lingerie

The most important tip for wearing a tight dress is to first, fix what you are wearing underneath the bodycon. Invest in a good quality shapewear. Right from smoothening the stubborn tummy to giving a nice lift to your back, shapewear can go a long way in perfecting the bodycon look. Let your body not get in way of your fashion. And pick the shapewear to look a lot slimmer. Moreover, also pay attention to your underpants. Wear seamless and neutral colored lingerie so that it does not get the highlight when you are wearing a dress that fits your silhouette tightly. And especially avoid patterns, prints, and ruches in your lingerie as it will be well understood when you wear the dress and totally ruin your chic, sleek, and sensuous look.

So, don’t delay anymore and quickly take these down. Now that you know how to pull off the stunning tight fittings for your Homecoming dress, choose your favorite from your nearest physical store or any online site.

Author Bio: Annie Hall, a fashion blogger, here writes on 3 smart tricks that you can try in order to pull off the tight homecoming dresses with élan.