Thursday 17 October 2019
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With the board exams finally over, college life will come knocking your doors in no time at all.  The excitement for it is understood, for college is in fact equivalent with freedom and fun. Some of the best days of life as many have opined before me. However, college is not a bed of roses. Along with all the fun comes the pressure to handle academics, internships, heartbreaks and with all this, one has to make sure that you still manage to look good. College life is a time to experiment with all the various trends in sling bags, clothes and shoes. For this one needs to remain up to date with the latest fashion crazes. The major problem being, all these lovely trends have to be tried within a limited budget! No wonder we cannot wait to start working. Worry not; we have selected some such trends in t-shirts, phone covers and other things which will allow you to look stylish in a reasonable budget. So go ahead and have the time of your life!

1.Summer T Shirt or Ballet flats 

Making it in time for the 10’o clock class is next to impossible. Wonder how we made it to the 8’o clock one in school! A Cute and comfy ballet flat will come to your rescue with all the inevitable running late for class.  So surely invest in a pair or two and they are sure to become your best friend! The best thing about them is that compared to fancy heels and branded sneakers, they are quite inexpensive as well as versatile. You can pair them with anything, be it skinny jeans, a cute summer dress or a skirt!

2.Slogan T shirts

A nice cute slogan t shirt will never let you down. They are a must have for your ‘I have nothing to wear days’, which will of course be many! Just hunt your local market or an online ecommerce store and you are sure to strike a good bargain in them. Just choose the statement on t shirts well because it is for the whole world to see who will judge your personality by it. So be cool and as the saying goes wear your heart on your sleeve or as in this case on your t-shirt!

3.A tinted lip balm

Staying in India with unforgivable summers and then harsh winters needs its own precautions. A good lip balm will be your saviour during these times. Invest in one with spf in it so that your pretty pout does not become pigmented due to summer tanning. It will protect you during the winters as well when our skin starts getting dry. A balm with a light coloured tint will give you all this protection along with adding a pop of colour to your personality. Lipsticks can look too OTT for a regular college day!

4.Sling bags

Yes, big shoulder bags are very convenient and look very classy but sling bags so much in vogue now! These bags add an element of cuteness to almost every outfit and put the weight of your books away from your shoulders as well. However, while buying one be sure that it is not too small and has sufficient space to allow you to carry your textbooks, library books, a wallet, a bottle of water and some basic stationary. For it is always good to be self sufficient and surely you don’t want to be that annoying friend who keeps borrowing thing!

So keep this list in mind as you embark on this new journey of like. Have fun, make friends, bunk classes and go for parties. However in between the entire slogan t-shirt, shoes and sling bags try and remain friends with your books as well, because remember job placements are lurking behind!