Thursday 17 October 2019
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5 Important Things to Consider While Choosing Winter Dresses for Women

Choosing a dress is never easy and the process gets more complicated when you need to select an outfit for winter. There are many things to consider besides looking classy and elegant, the most important being the temperature and wind outside.

Here are few things to keep in mind before picking up a proper dress for winter.

  1. Check the Material: You would be having at least three to four layers of clothing. The innermost layer needs to be of quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric that prevents both rashes and perspiration. The second layer, which is usually your dress, also needs to be of comfortable fabric, which doesn’t get crushed under the top layers. There is a complete winter collection on portals like Forest Lily made of comfortable fabrics for you to choose. The fabric should also protect the skin from chafing caused by sweaters and sweatshirts.

  1. Layers Are Better: Layering is always recommended to keep you safe in plummeting temperatures. This is because the air gets trapped between the layers providing warmth and comfort. The first layer is often of thermals. The dress you buy should be such that these thermals get concealed under it.
  1. Check the Fit: Winter dresses should not be body-hugging because you will be wearing a layer beneath it. It should also not be too loose – otherwise air will get trapped between the layers making you feel cold. Loose fitting dress will also make you look shabby.
  1. Arms of the Coat Should Have Room: The outermost layer, which is usually a coat or a jacket, often has enough room in the torso. When it comes to arms, they are ridiculously skinny. It goes without saying that all layers you need to wear have to fit underneath this coat. If there is not enough room for these layers under the arms of a coat, you will feel very uncomfortable and restricted. Thus, check for it if you don’t want your arms to be smoothed in amongst the carnage.
  1. Dress According to Weather: It is always advised to dress keeping in mind the outside temperature. In case you have to choose a knee-length dress in very cold temperature, make sure to cover the lower part of your body with warm stockings and boots.

Keep these things in mind while choosing winter dress so that you can stay warm and comfortable besides looking ravishing.