Saturday 7 December 2019
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All You Need To Know About Fashion Jewelry

This concept, so fashionable in recent years, refers to those accessories that are made of silver, brass or copper, but are covered with precious metals, that is, with a gold bath or silver bath (this does not mean that they put a sheet of gold or silver on top of it, gold and silver are applied as micro particles that adhere through liquids and chemicals combined with electricity by means of a technique called electrodeposition).

In this category come several styles; some more classic and others more exuberant. In some countries, such as Brazil, they are called “semi jewels” and may or may not include natural, precious stones or crystals to highlight their design.

If the image you want to give is a discreet person in business then the jewelry you wear can’t be too noticeable. However open the mentality is today, there are stereotypes that consciously or unconsciously send messages to the brain of others and make us more acceptable or not, in various areas, so LYR Design AS advice wearing something more muted for business meetings or in an office setting so that you are not considered frivolous..

How To Use them

Use the most extravagant pieces for a social gathering, with friends, a party, at night; If you wear a generous size choker, take care not to wear large or long earrings and vice versa, no matter how old you are, take care not to show exaggeration, promote good taste.


The disadvantage of these pieces is the maintenance required: neither a bath of gold nor a silver are eternal and more so if they are pieces that you use daily. The fashion jewelry tends to lose their shine over a period time if worn regularly. You will probably have to get them redone to get back the original quality.


Take care of this type of pieces, cleaning the grease or fingerprints that are left at the end of the day with a soft cotton or flannel, without placing any chemicals so that the precious metal coating lasts longer.

When there is no more to do and the coating has almost completely worn away, you should take it to your jeweler or to the supplier that you bought it from to cover it again. It is important that you know that the price of a silver bath or a gold bath is it will never be as if it were a piece made entirely of gold or silver, be careful with what you pay.