Thursday 17 October 2019
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    Difference between designer and non-designer handbags

Designer handbags are no more a functional thing, but have rather become a status symbol. This accessory is equivalent to a luxury car, and can cost you as much as an Audi or Mercedez Benz. But, are they actually worth or we are simply wasting our money on them, because over a certain price point , all of these items are well made. It is effective marketing that is building desire for these high-end luxury brands and thereby adding zeroes to the price tag.

Many big brands of designer handbags like Coach, Chanel, Furla Louis Vuitton have increased the prices of their handbags dramatically over the recent years, only because the customers are willing to pay. They simply don’t want their bags to be affordable among the general crowd, which is why they sell their bags at a certain price.Image result for Difference between designer and non-designer handbags

The fashion industry builds a certain demand for products, as designers promote their handbag line through fashion shows and glossy magazines. Fashion is undoubtedly a tough business and trends change rapidly. Something which is in style this season can become absolutely obsolete and outdated in the very next season. Only the rich and affluent class can afford these high-end fashion labels, and these big brands tend to target only them.

So, a purse isn’t just a purse but way beyond that. It reflects your taste, class, personality, status and more. Your designer handbag definitely gives you a celebrity kind of a feeing which you could cherish for a pretty long time. No doubt, they are quite a pricey affair but for fashion lovers it doesn’t matter at all. For them, their bag is their most prized possession which can’t be replaced with anything else.

In previous times, the launch of an accessories collection was kind of a sure way to strengthen a bottom line of a designer — which resulted in merchandise explosion. But now the analysts are taking a wait-&-see approach — even for blockbuster and famous brands like Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel etc.

The luxury handbags brands must differentiate themselves from the rest by their high-end traits like quality, heritage of craftsmanship, recognized style, limited production, global reputation, global reputation, unique designs and also their marketing programs.

Whether, your bag cost $200 or $2000, you should always keep in mind, that the prime aim of a bag is to stock your essentials. Unnecessarily splashing your money in buying high-end fashion labels is not a wise move, so always keep that in mind.

But, if you are a lover of designer accessories and would love to invest in the same, don’t worry. Nowadays, you could easily buy wide range of high-end fashion accessories and apparels online through various online luxury fashion stores. The range available with them will surely spoil you for choice, and you could also rely on them regarding the authenticity and price. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores for your luxury brands shopping are Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darvey’s, Elitify etc to name just a few.