Friday 14 December 2018
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Different types of wedding dresses

Wedding is one the most important day for both brides as well as for groom. There are lot of tensions that they need to overcome and face during the wedding and one of the most tension for both of them is choosing a wedding dress. However grooms generally don’t have much choice rather than choose a different color tux. But for women the scenario is completely different this is because they have a lot of dresses to choose from and color options they get is infinite. If you want to know more about the wedding dresses then you can read more it over the internet. But here some different type of wedding dresses that you can choose for your wedding.

Different types of wedding dresses

Short dresses – this is not considered as a traditional dress but still this dress is getting popular day by day. This dress is considered best when your wedding is on hot summer day and of course more than that personal preference also matters a lot. There are three different types of short wedding dress is there such asRelated image

  • Mini length –This dress comes just below the hip and if you want to look more glamorous look, Modern and attractive then this dress is perfect for you.
  • Above knee – this is also a great option for the summer weddings as you get it from the name this dress comes in length that is just above the knee.

Long dress – floor length is considered as a traditional wedding dress and long dress is still a many brides first choice. There many different types of long wedding dress are available such as –

  • Ball gown – those brides that are looking for a fairytale wedding dress then this dress is perfect choice of it.
  • Straight skirt – this is a straight dress that is beautifully designed, this dress is perfect choice for short height bride as well as for tall height bride.

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