Thursday 17 October 2019
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Fashion Trends to Follow During Spring Race

With racing time nearing, youmust be getting ready to see the best of fashion and sport colliding in the most beautiful way. The racing carnival in Australia does have something in store for everybody-from fashionistas to fanatical punters and sports enthusiasts.

Conversely, when it comes to fashionable end, ladies should ensure that they get the right dressesto appear in themost chic and fashionable way. We have definitely seen several fashion disasters in the past and a few of them are keeping the length of the dress or skirt too short, which may remind one of a clubbing inspired dress. To make things go easy yet stylish for you, without any further ado, we have put together a spring racing fashion guide which is dainty, lady-like and simply elegant.


Fashion trends for spring racing

There are so many beautifully designed racing carnival dresses available online and you can pick the one as per your choice and budget. At the same time however you need to make sure that you even add importance to the kind of bag you carry, jewelry and makeup together with finer details which should be taken care of.


You have to remind yourself that hemlines should be below the knee and try to keep away from sequins trackside. Also, try to stay away from denim for this event at least. Your underwear must never ever be on display. Even if you wish to get a little showy with your skin, always remember that less is more.


You will not go wrong with the light and sweet pastel trend which is ever welcomed at the racing carnival. Hence opt for lilacs, softer shades like pink, baby blue or even mint green.


Remember not to opt for prints that look quite stark or clash. However, you could anytime settle for quirky, edgy prints which will be fun as well as ooze out a modish touch.


Monochrome will never put a lady down and give you a forever chic feel. Undeniably, black and white is a never fading classic and so easy to carry too. It makes you feel sophisticated and feminine, indeed an understated glamour.

You Cannot Miss That ‘Hat’

The accessory that compliments an outfit during a racing carnival is a hat. It does pay to visit a good milliner; however the outcome is so worth it! Ensure that the hat that you pick, does compliment the dress or outfit that you are adorning. Vintage and sculptural hats tend to be quite popular every year. You will notice a good number of stunningly dressed women who eventually are led down, due to this vital piece of head gear or head accessory which is a must in an even as this.

Makeup and Hair

Immaculate makeup with the right hairdo, yes again, you need to heed attention to this section too. It is all about the grooming details that you have to be careful about, including the manicure bit, yes you got it right! You sure would not like your hair flying all over you on a windy day.


Accessories again are so important. Pick out the right jewelry, gloves, shoes, bag, etc, as all of them do play a huge part in holding on to the attention of the judges.