Saturday 22 September 2018
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How To Wear Stiletto Boots Right?


In most cases recommendations regarding the latest fashion trends are limited to lists of items and products considered stylish this or that season. However, it’s also very important to know what to match them with. That’s why the experts of Cattifly are here today to comment on a concrete type of shoes. Let’s us talk, for example about stilettos.

In case you don’t know what the word means, don’t worry. This is a very perforated model of shoes, in most cases heeled, which looks like something between sandals and shoes. According to Cattifly, many of their customers call stiletto shoes very demanding and admit they try to avoid such purchases. The truth is this kind of shoes also has own secrets. Learn them – and you’ll be able to create lots of great outfits.

First, analyze the construction itself. The guys from Cattifly note: when you don’t have any idea on what to combine shoes with, look at them carefully. If you do the trick with stilettos, you’ll find out there are a lot of round or triangle “holes” on the surface. Concentrate on the feature. Use the same forms in other parts of the outfit. You can put on a polka-dot blouse or a T-shirt with a geometric print to create a harmonious combination. Otherwise feel free to stake on contrasting materials. If you choose suede stilettos, make you sure you can afford leather clothes as an appropriate top. Or, it’s always cute in case you match satin stilettos with an elegant velvet dress. Contrasts are on the list of the key trends of 2018. Have you missed the point?

In addition, the experts of Cattifly say stilettos usually make good friends with strapped tops and blouses. If you have this kind of clothes, don’t forget to test the advice. Why is it so important to draw such parallels? Cutouts in both areas, we mean shoes and top/blouse, stand for maximum tall silhouette as a result, which is welcomed by most women. In case you like contradicting styles, try to exaggerate the warmth of the rest of the outfit – it can be a faux fur vest/coat or a plaid suit with wide-leg trousers. This way stilettos worn with the clothing set will make the whole image more breathable, not overheated with the other elements.

And finally, one more secret regarding stilettos. As you’ve heard skinny jeans are not the ones desirable this season. BUT. According to Cattifly, if you combine them with a white boyfriend shirt and super trendy stiletto shoes, you’ll get a wonderful outfit both for going out with friends and spending exciting hours at a noisy party.

Do you have stilettos waiting for a suitable outfit to match them? Now you know what items to prefer.