Monday 15 October 2018
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Leather Hand Bags for Women: Overview of Modern Fashion Trends

Accessories are an integral part of fashion and one such item that has continued to hold its charm from olden days are handbags. Handbags are often referred to a woman’s closest friend as they are carried around holding all the necessary things she needs. Modern fashion trends have witnessed an upsurge with the obsession of handbags and the leading accessory manufacturing brands are making huge profits out of it. Though a variety of materials are used nowadays to create the most fashionable handbags, leather hand bags for women still hold a timeless classic charm and elegance.

There may be innumerable designs of handbags available, some having exclusive design while some drawing design inspiration from other types. The most common and popular types of handbags used by women nowadays can be listed as:

  • Totes: Also known as shopper bag, tote bags are popular among teenagers and for those who are constantly on the move. These bags are characterized by adjustable shoulder straps and may be either open top or fitted with a zipper.
  • Shoulder Bag: Considered as the most heavily used leather hand bags for women, this type is characterized by a long shoulder strap that may be single or double. Though available in a variety of materials, the leather ones have the most elegant look.
  • Hobo: Typically, crescent shaped, hobo bags are carried as shoulder bags. The inside space is very roomy and a zipper fitted top gives a stylish look as well as ease of use and carriage.
  • Clutch: Clutch purses are one of the most popular among women because of their size which is suitable for clutching or holding with the palm of the hands. These bags do not have handles and is long along the length.
  • Wristlet: A development on the clutch purse variety, wristlets has a small strap attached that allows one to hang the bag on the wrist.