Monday 15 October 2018
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Shoulders- Are they simply the innocuous top segment of the arm?

Have you ever thought of going crazy with styling your ladies tops or the off shoulder tops from the upper part rather the bottom?

Well, the fashion industry surely gives us a number of innovative ideas every time to use all our body parts in a dapper way. Going out cool, flashy, sassy, bold, elegant and what not- it’s all that they teach us and we implement in our fashion statements.

Shoulders are the proven epitome of femininity and sex appeal and if you don’t trust me then look back in time (go through some old black and white movies) and you will be surprised to see the fashion divas from the era of the 1800s. The billowing off-shoulder gowns, the floral child tunics and what not, these gave us true fashion goals on how to use shoulders as an essential fashion element. And since then, it is ruling the fashion ramp shows, high street fashion markets, and online shopping sites. The off shoulder tops showcase their little moment every season which is classic yet contemporary for every age group.

Today, when it comes to ladies tops online shopping, every fashionista looks out for her favorite brands which offer a plethora of options to flaunt highlighted shoulders. From sexy-cool cuts to dazzling styles in embroidery and lace patterns, women love adorning these with anything and everything. Finding someone who is not aware of the mind-blowing styles and hasn’t carried the look yet is really hard to find. Famous fashion bloggers and even renowned celebrities have become a die hard fan for this fashion trend and are often spotted in off shoulder tops for their airport looks, casual parties and much more.


Now when you see one particular fashion rage all around you, it gives you a feeling of complexity and insecurity if you are not the part of the same. Trying out an off shoulder top this season for myself was now a big deal for me and I could not afford to miss any opportunity to buy off shoulder tops online. And guess what my dear husband gave the package deal all at one go. Yeah!!! I was damn excited when he told me that we were supposed to attend a baby shower celebration hosted by one of his colleagues.

I really don’t know if God listens to my prayers quite soon or he has endowed me with a gentleman who never says NO! The perfect opportunity was lying in front of me to buy ladies tops online, as the party demanded a bit informal dress code, which should have a subtle mix of elegance and fun. And what else could be better than flaunting the sexy shoulders for a bold and beautiful look?

Well, the invite was an overwhelming opportunity as it was the first time when I was about to meet his office colleagues and their families after marriage. The presence of all colleagues and bosses was but obvious and so I need to carry myself confidently and sharply. Not only this, he is also very particular of how do I look, as for him the policy of ‘First Impression Counts’ is worth the meaning. And so letting him down was not an option. And why would I, it was my time to flatter and shine!

The excitement took shape of nervousness as I started exploring ladies tops online. I was pretty sure of the style to buy but the plethora of options bewildered me. It really had to be something very unique, special and most importantly, something which complements my body perfectly.

The never-ending list of ladies tops especially for this category needed a deeper attention to choosing the best style for the perfect occasion. My idea was neither to portray a too sassy look nor to be too simple. Striking the perfect balance between the courtliness and flirtiness was my idea to dress this time. And finally, I got what I was looking for- royal, full of panache, timeless piece which could be teamed up with skirts and pants.

The forever black off shoulder top kept the shoulders not to go too bold, which was completely a perfect balance to dress up for an office party. Teaming up with a bottom pants was bit obvious, but I wanted to go more feminine and free with a white skirt which could help me compliment my curves as well as the color contrast.

A subtly sexy look but never too revealing even gave me the opportunity to embellish the ensemble with my real pearls for a regal panache. High heels in black and my cute little-studded clutch in white was just enough to turn people’s heads. Not only this, I made it a point that my investment should help me reap its benefits for all other casual outings as well and so choosing a black off shoulder among all was the perfect deal. I could adorn it anytime with my distressed pants, shorts, pencil skirts for any casual or formal look.

Finally, I had a new friend to my already updated collection. While I was confident to receive compliments on my sensuous yet cultured attire, he knew that he has married a fashionista wife. So, head turners were obvious to spot!

So, ladies if you are also sailing in the same boat and want to give it a try, then trust me and go ahead, it will never disappoint you. Variety is unlimited, styles to carry these are in plenty, the only intelligence needed is to pick the best out of the whole lot.

Try the one side off shoulder tops for a casual brunch with your girlfriends and team it up with shorts this spring. Or look for a lace trimmed floaty number, the reminiscent of the 70’s and team up with denim skirts and sun hat. The advanced versions like semi-tailored incarnations infused with bell sleeves are high in demand and are totally in for the day and the night time.

The off-duty staples, be it your mini skirt or the distressed denim- all perfectly accompany the off shoulder tops , simply the best ladies tops. All you need to add the accessories to casualise or formalise the ensemble. The lace up espadrilles or the sophisticated strappy heels are for high summer, so team them up and add on the sling bag and sun hats. Also, elevate your ordinarily weekend fashion statements by teaming the same off shoulder styles with slim fitting trousers or a figure hugging skirt for the polished, flattery and uber-chic look.

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