Monday 15 October 2018
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Nail Art Designs To Enhance Your Look

Although, there are a wide variety of nail designs available, but even then there are times when you find it difficult to choose the right acrylic nail shapes for your occasion. In the present scenario, there is a kind of revolution in nearly every field. There is intensive research going in the field of health, science and technology. Similarly, you will find loads of information about beauty tips and nail art designs. Humans have a tendency to experiment and in this respect,we try several things. We continuously experiment to make our nails look beautiful that is why we apply different innovative ways. Even though nail is a small part of the body, but it plays a significant role in the beautification. As we, all know that creativity has no limits. If you will search on the Internet, then you will find hundreds of different designs you can apply and by adding a little imagination, you can give it a different look. If you know how to use your imagination for creativity, then you will create something, which none of your friends or colleagues had contemplated before.

Handmade design

There are some designs you can make with the help of nail polish. A toothpick is used for designing and you can design anything on your fingernails.

Texture design

You can perform this task at home without visiting a beauty parlor. All you need to have a good amount of imagination. You need to apply a thick layer of nail polish and after which you have to mix drops of cream with different colors of nail polish. You have to create a different texture, which is fabulous, and adding value to your personal style.

Airbrush design

This is a little bit costly because you need to purchase a spray machine. If you have many female members in your home, then you can go for it otherwise getting it done in the saloon will be cheap for you. This machine is used for spraying a design you have selected. If you do not find it attractive enough, then you can go for the other.

You need to choose your design based on three things.


If it is spring season, then you can go for vibrant colors in acrylic nail shapes. This will give you a fresh look.


Today is Valentine’s Day; you can go for red color.


Make sure that color and the design is in accordance with your personality. You cannot use something, which looks awkward on you.