Friday 14 December 2018
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Online Shirts buying Guidance for Better Selection of Formal Shirts

The idea of “getting ready” for an occasion is an almost an exclusively female domain, but, men also have the liberty to “dress up” as per the occasion. With fewer options to choose from, even men can present an eye-catching, attractive ensemble, of which the formal shirt is an important part as discussed below.

“Black Tie” Formal Shirts

When men think of online shirts buying, it is important to remember the occasion. In case it is a “black tie” event, then a bow-tie and a stiff collar shirt are an automatic inclusion. To achieve the best look possible in this formal wear, a black jacket is worn over a white cotton or linen shirt, which may be pleated for additional appeal. The detachable collar is best, whether in winged or folded down style; it stiffens easily and can be worn with different collarless shirts for new-looking ensemble every time.Image result for Types of Shirts for Online Shopping in India

With these guidelines in mind, the following points may be considered while buying a formal shirt.

Tips on Choosing a Formal Shirt

  • Material – The normal fabric material is cotton and or a blend of cotton and polyester for a snugger fit and stiffness of the shirt. Polyester helps in retaining the shape while cotton provides the comfort and classiness. Pure cotton of high quality is also a good option for formal shirts
  • Color – While white is the traditionally accepted color of formal shirts, many modern gentlemen prefer other colors also. Fashion designers also tend to add their creativity to the fabrics by adding different textures and weaves to the formal, white-colored shirt
  • Shape – The formal shirt differs in shape than the general work wear in some key aspects. They have a back panel, yoke, two front panels connected by a placket and sleeves ending in cuffs with a stiff, starched collar. The long-tailed formal shirt is out of fashion but the back panel is a little longer to prevent un-tucking when bending over
  • Collar – The ‘stiff’ collar of a formal shirt is one of its distinguishing features. The spread or cutaway design is the prevalent option with a variation in the wider ‘Windsor’ collar. For a bow tie, the winged collar is best, while neckties can be worn with buttoned-down collars
  • Sleeve – The French sleeve with cufflinks is the favorite choice as it adds elegance and style to the ensemble

So, the selection process and “dressing up can become simpler for men with proper guidance and knowledge.