Wednesday 19 February 2020
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Other Ways to connect Extensions for your Natural Hair

Which approach to attachment is better to make use of? How to attach hair extensions will dictate the way your style is going to be. There are numerous ways on the best way to attach extensions on your natural hair. A few of these ways are listed below:

Glue attachment

This can be a major kind of attachment where small parts of extensions are glued towards the roots of natural hair by utilizing special glue. By selecting this kind of attachment, you’re suggested to prevent brushing and washing your extensions not less than 48 hrs before the bonds are totally secure. To be able to maximize durability, you should think about conditioning the measures from the hair extension.



It is really an low maintenance, simple to remove and price effective kind of attachment. Natural locks are tightly braided to create a strong base for that wefts that should be stitched right into a braided portion of the natural hair. By selecting this kind of attachment, you’re suggested to keep regular appointments with salon for retightening. This process is fantastic for individuals who’ve thick or frizzy hair.

Micro Bead

After selecting to make use of micro bead attachment, you does not need to make use of a tape, glue and het. It is because the technique involves clamping a bead on the tip of extensions towards the natural hair. Connections are extremely durable since you can cover your hair roots while tipping in conditioner. This kind of attachment is recognized as among the smartest choice particularly if you are searching to dye or use extreme heat home appliances but must be made by an expert so the cost could be prohibitive.


Clip in

This is a kind of attachment where clip in extensions can be used. Applying this method, you are able to style and wash the extensions much like your personal hair. It’s the easiest method to create an instantaneous impact and need not be carried out in a beauty salon.

Natural extensions are not only seen employed for length but in addition for volume reasons. Whatever the kind of attachment that you’ll use, you’re suggested to prevent tugging your clip in extensions when washing so when brushing. It’s also wise to avoid using excess items and conditioner. You need to blow dry frequently to prevent tangles.