Saturday 22 September 2018
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Seven Kinds of Earrings Women Could Wear to Catch Attention

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Did you know that men have some preferences in terms of the jewelry pieces women wear? Women wear jewelry and many of them have a huge collection of the finest and most sophisticated jewelry they could find. However, tastes different when it comes to jewelry. If you are a woman and wants all eyes on you, make sure you know the earring styles that men prefer.

Diamond Studs

These pieces look attractive, stylish, and stunning. They suit all outfit and can be worn casually or formally. Women who wear a pair of studs look elegant and delicate. Diamond studs will never go out of style and fashion. They certainly make a perfect gift from a man.

A Pair of Metal Studs

Metal studs are available in all metals, shapes, colors, and forms. A woman can find a pair which fits her eye color, hair shade, and skin tone. These earrings are made to provide their wearer a complete and irresistible look.  Men appreciate women who wear metal studs for their elegance, natural beauty, style, and awesome look.

Golden Hoops

This jewelry style is a common inclusion in a woman’s jewelry box. Women feel the benefits of this piece but men adore this earring style. Small golden hoop earrings fit nearly all styles of attire. They belong to classics and will always be fashionable. Gold hoops make a natural look as well as match any hair color and skin tone.

Small and Thick Hoops

These earrings are decorated with diamonds or stones in different colors. Such pieces of earrings are mostly favored by men when buying pieces exactly of this kind for their women. Women love these hoops and will wear them on any occasion.

Pearl Earrings

Pearls have come back into fashion as stunning collectible pieces. Pearl earrings are definitely not just for mature women. They look amazing on women of all ages. They provide some flair, flirt, and tenderness to a woman’s look. Women who wear pearls look feminine and mysterious. This makes men interested in them.

Earrings with Two Tones

For these pieces, women can choose to have pearls or diamonds with either silver or gold. These earrings contribute to the wearer’s natural beauty and highlight her best features. This is the exact quality that makes these pieces popular among both men and women. However, quality comes with a price. That is why two-toned earrings can be rather expensive; however, their beauty is worth their price. The best price for earrings can be available at MYEL Design.

Earrings with a Lovely Crisscross Design

These earrings provide women a touch of elegance, uniqueness, and charm. They will never get bored wearing these pieces of jewelry and will always stay fashionable with them. Metal knots make women look beautiful and brilliant. They will wear these earrings with delight and enjoy the compliments they get from men.

A lot of women may have some of these earring styles in their boxes. But, if you still don’t have some, it is time to get them. Put your earrings on and you will be getting attention from guys. You will realize you shouldn’t have kept your pieces for a long time. Freeing yourself from stereotypes will leave you catching glances from people.   

Which of these earrings do you like? Or are there other earrings we did not mention? Please feel free to leave a comment.