Friday 14 December 2018
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Shoes Makes A Man

It is common for the general folk to assume that footwear is a highly unnoticed part of their daily wear. Call it lack of time or carelessness; shoes are one of the most not-cared-about fields of clothing. No matter how fashionable one may dress or how good may the suit be. The impression stoops down to abysmal depths even if the shoes are not 100 percent perfect.

Many tend to live in the delusion that shoes do not affect one’s appearance. However, any person who tends to judge how carefully one groom will notice one’s shoes firstly. Shoes play a lot more sophisticated role in one’s personality than what they think.

What is truly fascinating about shoes is the infinite variety of shoes available in the market, and how adversely can shoes affect the wearer’s personality. Shoes not only show how a person grooms himself, but also how well he understands the versatility of shoes, and what shoes are supposed to complement the present scenario. This gives an insight to the clear thinking of the wearer.

Picking out the shoes

Casual shoes need a lot more careful thinking than formal shoes before one think to buy them. Since they are a more commonly worn type of shoes, they need to be easily maintainable and also highly distinct and versatile. Distinct in the sense that, the shoes appear unique with every clothing worn, and versatile in the sense that, the shoes complement the clothing perfectly.

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Loafers and boots not only look good, but also bring a touch of novelty and uniqueness to the personality of the wearer, and add charisma to their appearance. Loafers represent simplicity of the wearer and tell that a wearer is a person of simple ideologies. Boots, however, convey the contradictory. Boots bring a rough edge to the wearer’s look.

The most commonly misinterpreted, overused, and exhausted category of shoes are the sneakers. The major reason the masses prefer the sneakers is the comfort and ease of “slipping them in.” A typical way of letting others know that you are ‘comfortable in your skin,’ sneakers may, at times, also speak out that one has left all hope of looking good if the sneakers do not go well with the appearance.

Carrying out the look

Formal shoes bring a whole new level of grace and class in the appearance of any person. Casual shoes may look god, but it is the formal wear that truly reflects upon the gentlemanliness of the wearer. Going well with clothes like tuxedos and suits, formal wear present a more conventional, yet surprisingly fresh approach towards bringing forth the courtesy and beauty of the wearer.

Representing panache and style in the most elegant way possible, Converse shoes, being one of the pioneers in bringing the best casual wear and formal wear, are a more averagely priced, yet high quality brand of shoes that are definite in giving the cutting edge over other brands. The brand provides an interesting range of boots, slip-ons, sneakers, formal shoes and what not.