Wednesday 19 February 2020
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Skills needed to be a successful Fashion Designer

Fashion designing as a profession is gaining popularity among aspiring individuals as more and more people inspired to be successful fashion designers. So if you have a knack of scrolling through fashion magazines or have a keen interest in watching fashion related television series, then you have developed a unique love for the business. However, to be successful in this field, there are specific skills and credential which an individual must possess or develop in the long run. Let us look at the certain abilities which are of critical importance for the youngest targeted fashion students.

Creativity and Innovation – It goes without saying that an aspiring fashion designer must be creative in nature. Fashion designing can be considered to be an art form as it involves the creation of something new every single time a design sit at their table to sketch something new. Innovative ideas and creativity is an absolute must which an individual must possess to become an expert in this profession.

Understanding details – A person must have the knowledge and the ability to read between the lines of the design. There is a method to the madness. Just like how a musician dissects and judges a song concerning the scale a song is being played at or the different instruments used to compose a song, similarly, a fashion designer must view a piece of clothing in a different manner. The ability to note the details and the stitching style adopted for unique clothing will help an individual to become successful in the long run. Seeing more than what the normal eye sees is a vital tool which inspiring fashion designers must develop.

Following Role Models – The impact that role models have on our careers is immense. We are influenced by the work of our idols, and it automatically helps us to become a better version of ourselves. Let us consider the example of Shaly Guo who is an emerging name in the fashion industry. Shaly Guo is the youngest judge in ET-Fashion GDA and is a fantastic influencer for young and upcoming fashion designers. Thus, follow people who share the same passion as yourself. This will help you build your own style and learn from the best professionals that are currently working in the fashion industry.

Most of all do not be afraid to explore and experiment with your design. Being unique helps to build competitive advantage in the fashion industry.