Sunday 19 May 2019
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Trend in men’s swimwear

Normally, we all look forward to the weekend to go to the beach and take advantage of the sun. We like to escape for a while to the beach or the pool to have fun and relax. Always remember to take care of the sun and do not forget the indispensable ones for this occasion!

Trends are not just a thing for women, men also have their niche in the fashion world and in this case they were not going to be less. Going to fashion does not always mean following the latest trends, going to mens fashion means carrying what one believes to be more appropriate for his own body and his style so that we feel at ease with ourselves and what we wear. The clothes that set the trend can always be found in our usual clothing stores, and in this article, we will see which of these garments are the trendsetters in regard to men’s swimwear.

There are many types of bathing suits. There is something for everyone. A brand that is giving to talk about the subject of men’s bathing suits is 883 Police. Here you can find men’s swimwear ideal for your summer days.

You can get it in a variety of colors and you can combine it with long sleeve shirts as it gives a much cooler style to the look and looks pretty good. We can wear the shirt completely open or unzip the first buttons until we feel comfortable. In this post, I’m going to show you some types of 883 Police swimwear for you to wear this season.

Francesco White Swimshorts

It is the typical Bermuda to go to the beach. When you see them, you automatically think of the waves. This type of swimwear has a quite relaxed style and can be combined with a straw hat or urban caps to give you a much cooler wave.

Usually, these models always come with pretty striking prints or one color. So wear it with some top garment of basic colors or flats. You can get it at 883 Police and its price is £ 25.00


Block color

This type of swimsuit is full color, comfortable and something much more classic with a little more formal. While they can use any type and model of swimwear to be on the beach, one such as this will serve them a lot if they have any special occasion like a lunch or even a beach party.

This type of swimsuit is one of those pieces that can last for many seasons. They provide comfort and formality for those who seek to preserve their traditional image, but who wish to give it a subtle different touch. It is the alternative solutions to those who still do not dare with the slip, but already leave aside the discomfort of the bathing suit to the ankles.

If you are someone who always wants to be fashionable, without being too extravagant, you cannot miss this type of swimsuit for this summer. It suits men with dramatic, creative and seductive or traditional style if they choose the simplest model.