Thursday 17 October 2019
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Wedding Dress in Some Eastern Countries

Article written by Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai

The main thing, which a young girl associates her wedding with, is a wedding dress. It is considered not only garment for wedding ceremony, but also the thing, which has spiritual value for a bride. Religion views as well as country’s culture influence the dress’s color, type and its solemn meaning. Brides, who are from western countries, will rather wear classic white dress for wedding celebration. It is due to Queen Victoria, who popularized this tendency in the 19th century. Oriental cultures’ brides are more likely to choose bright red wedding dress. This color is a symbol of luck and wealth.

Bridal Gown in Western Culture

Not massive trend, which dates back to pre-Victorian period, implied wearing wedding dress of any color. Brides choose even black dresses, which were popular in Scandinavian countries.
The popularity of classic white dress has its roots in 1840 and is connected with Queen Victoria’s marriage. White wedding dress, which Queen Victoria was wearing, impressed every young girl. After publishing wedding photos almost all brides decided to sew or buy the wedding dress of the same color.

Eastern Culture’s Wedding Dress

Many brides from China, India and Vietnam have chosen red colored wedding dress, which is associated with well-being, health, wealth and luck. Nowadays, traditions are not being followed so strictly. Eastern brides wear dresses of other colors. For example, in mainland China women choose a dress for wedding celebration of any color, and wear tradition red attire for tea ceremony, which is an integral part of China wedding.

Current Taiwan wedding has the same peculiarities: the bride wear red (similar to the Chinese culture) or white (following pro-Western style) dress made of silk. But only red attire is worn for the official wedding celebration.Red Sari (the origin name of Indian wedding attire) is the choice of women who strictly follow national Indian traditions. Traditional sari is made of red silk.

Over time, brides have broaden the range of colors and materials for traditional Indian wedding attire. Nowadays, for manufacturing such dress various fabrics, including crepe, satin and georgette are used. The common colors are: gold, orange, pink, burgundy, yellow, and brown.Brides, who wear more than three wedding attires, in particular white kimono during the celebration, belong to Japanese traditions.

White color is a symbol of death here, which in case of wedding means the bride’s death for her new husband and future big family. Red kimono, which appears directly after taking off red one, is a symbol of bride’s rebirth.