Thursday 9 July 2020
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4 Types of Autumn Attire that Ensure Your Freedom of Movement

4 Types of Autumn Attire that Ensure Your Freedom of Movement

As autumn draws in and temperatures drop, we’d rather spend the cold days inside, sipping on a hot chocolate and limiting our active hours as much as we can. Sadly, this is what happens to most of us and we miss the colors, the fragrance and all the beauty of the season. When we happen to go out, we put on thick, uncomfortable clothes that limit our movement considerably. The consequence? Feeling stiff, without any trace of enthusiasm… and either too cold or too hot. The solution is simple: replace your usual clothes with better ones, which give you enough flexibility to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Here are the best suggestions for this fall season:


  1. The freestyle cardigan

This is the perfect piece of warm clothing for everyone, from teenagers to seniors, from sporty to classy. Monochrome, with geometric or with tribal patterns, this large and cozy cardigan covers your body from the neck to the knees, including the arms. You can wrap it around tight or let it hang loose, thus adapting it to the day’s oscillating temperatures. It’s stylish and highly adaptable and works well with an outfit finishing with either stilettos or winter boots. The cardigan is better than the poncho, because it has an open front.

  1. The jumper

The elegant cut makes it perfect for autumn days with ever-changing weather. Unlike a turtleneck or rolled neck sweater, this will not make you sweat or feel like you’re suffocation whenever the sun comes out of the clouds. Wear it anytime and, should the weather feel colder, wrap a scarf around your neck. It’s a far more convenient way to adapt. Besides, the boatneck jumper allows not only to show your gracious neckline, but also to display a beautiful necklace. To enjoy maximum freedom of movement, choose a loose, ‘oversized’ design.

  1. The two side wrap

This garment is in many ways similar to the freestyle cardigan, only that it has no sleeves whatsoever. It has a middle cut to create an open front and generously wraps around the arms. The effect it creates is a very modern and alluring one. The item it resembles the most is a large cloak. Choose a soft fabric that keeps you warm and is at the same time light enough to wear without feeling burdened. If you want to have it wrapped close to your body, opt for a belt. To shield yourself from the cold wind, bring the two sides across the chest, one over the other, just like you would with any wrap.

  1. The side split jumper

This is not only a brand new, highly fashionable design, but also a way to enjoy the warmth and shielding offered by knitwear, yet avoiding getting overheated. It is perfect for the transition from chill to cold weather. This type of jumper is split on both sides, to allow unhindered airflow and freedom of movement. The best models out there have zippers on the sides, so you can enjoy a standard jumper when the days get colder.

With these clothing items in your autumn wardrobe, you can enjoy all the advantages of knitwear, at the same time being able to stay active and flexible. Weather caprices are no longer a hindrance. You’ll be ready for warm sunshine, cold wind and rain, all within the same day.