Wednesday 3 June 2020
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5 Tips to Stun Guests with Wedding Invitations

5 Tips to Stun Guests with Wedding Invitations

A wedding is the most-awaited and the grandest celebration in any person’s life. If you and your partner have finally agreed to tie the knot in the presence of some near and dear ones at a wonderful venue than you have sufficient provisions to stun them. You can either decide to contact a wedding planner or can arrange everything on your own along with the support of your partner and a few good friends. But, make sure that besides deciding the venue, theme, and menu of your wedding- you should be extra careful when it comes to designing, drafting and planning the invitations.

Here, some effective tips on wedding invitations are shared which you can shape up by your own and stun the guests you’re expecting in your wedding—

Portray your elegance

The wedding invitations are not a mere card holding a short note of the occasion along with the names of the bride and bridegroom or the address, but the card also holds the sender’s elegance, choice and somehow the theme of the wedding. If you decide to make it a traditional and elegant wedding – selecting lavender, crème, light pinks or ivory whites will be an excellent choice for your Houston Wedding Invitations. But, if and your partner want the occasion to be jazzier- you have the freedom to add more color to make the invitations more flamboyant.

Precise & Informative Note

Make sure the note written in the invitation is crisp and alluring. It should be free from any anticipated flaws and have an appealing approach. Along with the names of the sender, the note can provide some information about them along with sharing the venue details. It’s mandatory to mention the grant-plus ones which help people to bring their dates to your wedding.

Deck up Envelopes

Hire a calligrapher to let them write the envelopes. It should contain the names and address of the invitees. If you consider it expensive, ask the invitation makers to print the envelopes with calligraphic fonts on the envelopes.

Start early & mention RSVP

You can start sending the invitations early to give it some time to guests to plan everything before attending your wedding. Mention the RSVP so that you can inform the caterer accordingly.

Proofread thrice & avoid crowding it

You should proofread the invitation at least thrice before sending it for the final print. Avoid making the note verbose.

Like this, you can surely stun the guests with your wedding invitation.