Sunday 29 March 2020
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How To Feel Gorgeous At Your School Formal

How To Feel Gorgeous At Your School Formal

When your high school formal finally arrives, it’s totally fair that you’ll want to feel as confident, gorgeous, and red-carpet-ready as possible to make the night feel absolutely perfect. Even girls that normally keep it ultra-casual and shy away from all things beauty and fashion deserve to shine at their formal. This may be the last time you get together with your school mates and say goodbye to a major chapter of your life, so make sure you feel as confident as possible with these formal fashion and beauty tips.

Shop Early

The whole process of searching for that dream formal dress and accessories can be a bit of a stress, so it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to shop around and find the look that’s absolutely perfect for you. Check out as many different boutiques and stores that specialise in formal wear as possible in the months leading up to the date, and try on plenty of dresses so you can get a feel for what style suits you best. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for great accessories too – you’ll need to find clutch bags sydney to carry around your necessities while you dance the night away. Don’t get stuck on the idea of a particular style or trend – shop with an open mind.

Plan Your Tan

Plenty of girls choose to go for a quick spray tan before formal so they have that gorgeous glow that makes them feel pretty and confident. While this is definitely a way more sensible idea then hitting a dangerous sun bed or lying out under the real rays for hours, you’ll want to take time to try out your tan instead of applying it at the last minute. If you get the shade wrong or don’t manage the application properly, it could go awry, so you’ll want to give yourself time to practice or try out different shades.

Try Before You Buy

There are so many great deals available from online retailers these days, it’s no surprise that many girls go online to find their perfect formal gown. If you do decide to shop online, make sure you check the store’s return policy and give yourself plenty of time to try on the dress once it arrives so you can check the size and fit first. Order the dress with the express delivery option so you can be sure you have time to try it on and return it for a new size if necessary. Dresses rarely look the same on the model in the photo as they do in person, so you’ll definitely want to check it out at home first.

Play Around With Beauty Trends

Formal is an awesome time to try out one of those striking beauty trends you’ve seen on YouTube tutorials but haven’t yet had an event that’s fancy enough to justify the look. Now is a great time to watch tutorials, experiment with techniques, and practice getting your makeup just right so you can feel on point on the night. If you’re not a huge makeup fan, don’t stress – you can just as happily show up to formal with a more natural look. It’s all about how you feel. Seize the opportunity to own your favourite style and wear it with confidence.