Wednesday 3 June 2020
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How to find out which quality of leather is the best?

Leather is am material that needs to be judged by the buyer. There are leather bags that appear to be genuine but they may not be so. It may happen that after using then for about six months they begin to crack. The stitching also may be undone. The customers’ complain of the hardware being rusted. Therefore you have to be careful before you make a purchase.

Things that you have to look out for

  • Type of leather – You have to be sure about the type of leather that is used. The best leathers usually develop a patina that means a weathered sheeny look. The leather is of good quality if the patina is better. This will not happen with heavily treated leather or even those with lesser grades.
  • You must avoid briefcases leather that is made of bonded leather. This is because these bags actually are made of scrap pieces that have been reworked with chemicals and plastics. They are also available in the market at a low rate.
  • The process of taning in leather is of two types. One is the chrome tanning and the other is the vegetable tanning. If the leather is chrome tanned, then it will involve harsh chemicals and the product is finished in just a few days. On the other hand vegetable tanning is produced in an eco-friendly manner. It is therefore preferred and the product becomes softer with time. Hence the best one is the vegetable tanning for briefcases leather. It is much more superior to chrome tanning in many aspects like character, durability and holding ability. These leather bags are also known for their classic leather smell as well as the excellent patina.

The origin of leather actually determines the quality of leather. There are many countries that produce only good quality leather. Hence it is likely that you look for premium quality leather before purchase.