Wednesday 3 June 2020
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How To Handle The Needs Of Your Twins

How To Handle The Needs Of Your Twins

Handling one kid and taking care of him or her is a difficult task, but what happens if you are the parent of twins? You probably will freak out most of the time. Lots of things would come to your mind about bringing them up; how to take care of them. You would think yourself as a ping pong ball, going to one kid and coming back to other. But that’s not all true; handling twins can be made easier too. So, just don’t freak out, act calmly and think for solutions.

The first thing is that when you got the news that you are going to be a parent of twins, you and your partner should be very open and sharing with each other. Both of you must think out how to handle them.

Should make a single routine for both

If you need to have some peace of mind, you would need some break time rather than act as a ping pong in between your babies and if they are not put on the same schedule, you are going to get no breaks. So, the first thing should be putting them both on the same schedule or routine. It might take a little while but you definitely can bring them on a single routine, just keep trying, and slowly a pattern will emerge.

Feed them at the same time

There are two options you can follow while feeding them. One is to feed one after another. You can keep both lying on the bed side by side, and then pick up the one you need to feed first and after some time the other and then go on exchanging them till they are full. You can do the same when they have to be burped; pick one on the shoulder and make him or her burp and then pick the other and repeat the process.

The second option is that while you breastfeed one, you can use a milk bottle to feed the other at the same time and after sometime change their positions.

Bottle feed them at the same time

Some parents breastfeed as well as bottle feed their kids. So, if you are amongst them, you should bottle feed them at the same time.

Put them to sleep at the same time

Naps can be a juggle for kids, but you should try out different ways to put your twins asleep at the same time. Sometimes a blanket on the floor might work out or sometimes you have to put one in the swing and the other on the bassinet, but whatever the method is, to try to keep bedtime for your twins the same.

Take them out together

Taking twins out together is difficult, and if you are alone at home and it’s time to take them out you would need to buy a Graco double stroller so that they can be carried out easily and they can enjoy the surroundings. If you are just taking them to a car, it’s always safe to carry them on a double stroller as the stroller makes it a safer journey for your babies.