Saturday 18 January 2020
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How to select your wedding vendors?

The whole wedding planning process in India is not at all an easy task. Plus, you will require so much of planning as well as vendors on board to make it a memorable event. There is a whole process of choosing the right wedding vendors and it is really important to do it smartly! You really need to be cordial as well as compatible with the vendors to have a wedding you always dreamt of. While planning your wedding you really need to have similar tastes with them so that planning can exactly go in the same direction. Here are some tips that will help you to pick the right wedding vendors for your dream wedding.

  • Get your research done properly

You really need to do your research properly to find the perfect vendors for your wedding. Look for them online and check out their services be it marriage halls, makeup artists, photographer, dress designers and so on. Check out their work and even read out their reviews to know about their services. For example there are plenty of banquet halls in Gurgaon, so you should google them to know more about it.

  • Have a meeting with your vendors before you book

Meeting your vendors is a must before booking them. This helps to build some compatibility as well as to ensure about not having any personality clashes. It is really important that you click with them, as you will be working together.

  • Check their serviced with the Recent Clients

It is advised to interact with the past clients of your respective vendors. This helps to get the real picture of their services as well as fulfilment of the commitments. You can have clarity in booking that particular vendor. You will get the honest testimonial of their experience with them.

  • Do negotiate

Never, ever hesitate to negotiate before booking the vendor.

  • Seal the deal

Once everything is done, don’t wait to seal the deal as if you are looking forward to book a popular vendor, then their dates may get filled soon. So try to book ahead of time to get them on board for your wedding.

Pro tip: Don’t ever hesitate to ask your questions before booking them. You should be clear about everything to avoid the hassle at the time of your wedding.

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