Thursday 9 July 2020
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Jewelry for dogs-How to Have a Trendy Pet

Our pampered pets will get to go on plenty of fun outings with us. You must want your pet puppy look the best, what will you choose to dress up your lovely puppy, today, we introduce you some trendy accessories for your life companion.

  • Colorful Bows

Just like dress up a little girl, give your puppy princess a lovely look with a cute dog bow which completed every cloth, the most popular bow always has a shinny charm stone in the middle, you even can DIY with some ribbons or clothing, it will be fun. You can recycle the old bows which has been used by your child. You will be thrilled to see how elegant your puppy look with this simple and easier hand-made accessory.


  • Stainless Steel Choker

Stainless steel is a practical metal which will not tarnished easily and is very clean, the polish surface is comfortable for your puppy to wear. You can find easily online or in local pet store, such a trendy and modern look. Every boy dog should never miss this fashion boutique.

  • Leather Collar

Leather is a kind of Luxury for your puppy, the chic details which show on the leather add more point to the edgy look. Leather collar are usually comfortable for a dog and is long lasting, attach a tag, pendant or a bells, you can know she is around when the bells sing.

There are something you should pay attention to when you choose a collar, you’d better waiting your puppy is full grow before buying an expansive leather collar, and leave some space between the collar and your puppy’s neck.   

A Name tag is a kind of fashion accessories yet functional pieces for your pup, it will helps a lot when she get lost, you can engrave your phone number and address. Then others will not where she come from and have a place to go. It can be attached to the collar of the cloth of your pup.

There are variety designed pet jewelry are available today, you can get some fancy and practical boutique to express yours and your pets personality and fashion statement. No matter what type of fashions you choose for your puppy, you sure will make you and your puppy as hot as possible.