Thursday 9 July 2020
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Most Popular Pearl Colors & Their Symbolic Meanings

Most Popular Pearl Colors & Their Symbolic Meanings

Pearls have always been cherished for their rarity and organic origin. When choosing pearls, there are many factors to be considered. Color is perhaps the most important of these. While personal preference and style statement have an influence on the choice of colors, you should also consider the symbolic importance of a pearl’s color. So when choosing pearls for your jewelry pieces, make sure to consider the following color considerations too.

White Pearls

White is a classic and most sought after pearl color. All the three main types of pearls except Tahitians can grow naturally white. White pearls are a symbol of purity and are often used in bridal jewelry. They also stand for:

  • Sincerity
  • Beauty
  • New beginnings

Black Pearls

Due to their unique looks, black pearls stand for mystery and strength. They also represent riches and independence. Black is the second most widely worn pearl color. The luxurious Tahitian pearl represents the epitome of black pearls. You can also find black Freshwater and Akoya pearls, but they are not naturally black. Whether you want to choose naturally colored or treated pearls, it is recommended to visit the site.

Blue Pearls

You should choose blue pearls if you want to wear something that represents trust, truth, and courage. It is best to gift it to someone who needs peace, tranquility or strength in their life.

Golden Pearls

Golden pearls are also widely popular. The color is symbolic of prosperity and wealth. It is valued for its regal and warm tone. South Sea pearls sourced from gold-lip oysters are the most sought after golden pearls. Interestingly, these types of pearls are also among the largest of all. You may even find Akoya pearls with natural golden colors.

Pink Pearls

Pink pearls have an air of romance and softness to them. They represent so many things, including fame, success, fortune, and energy along with romance. They are perfect as graduation gifts.

Freshwater pearls are available in natural pink and lavender colors. While most Akoya pearls have a white body color, some can also have pink overtones. It is recommended to click here! To find rose Akoya pearls.