Thursday 9 July 2020
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Six Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Putting on A Wig

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If you want to change ‘look’ but do not dare to put the scissors or change the tone of your hair, you can bet on a wig like many celebrities today do. However, when putting on a wig, you need to avoid these six common mistakes so that the result is as natural as possible

#1: Choosing the wrong model

There are different options in both finishes and hair type. Choosing the most appropriate to your needs is essential to make it natural. Sometimes it is better to invest a little more money to get a natural hair option that will give reality to your new look  (you can check stores like RL Moda for great varieties of wigs). It is also important to wear full lace on the inside so that it fits better with your forehead avoiding the classic cut that will reveal that something is not natural in your look as it happens to many models. 

#2: Not hiding your natural hair correctly 

It is not about carnivals, if you are looking for a point of naturalness, it is not enough to make a bow undone in the back or a ponytail. You should avoid leaving lumps or areas with more hair to be marked later. If you have short hair, you will have no problem, but if you have a long mane, you should hide it correctly. 

#3: Not cleaning the growth line correctly

Wearing a wig is not to put it without more, if you want it to last in your place all day, you must stick it with a special glue which is also skin friendly. You must pass a cotton and clean the entire area well for the glue to adhere better.

#4: Using a net to hold the hair

Do not forget that it is essential to put a network, so you will prevent it from slipping.

#5: Exceeding with the glue

If you use too much, you will notice how much you insist later on covering it with makeup. Another problem that you can have with this step is that you forget to apply it also in the network. For a perfect result, it is better to apply it in both places. it is not necessary to put it in the whole line, but only a small amount in the area of ​​the front is great.

#6: Put it directly on the glue

Putting a wig has its techniques and rushes are never good, so it is important not to place it directly but to place it a little behind the glue to be placed little by little, and once it is ready, you can take it forward and use a fine comb to fix it.