Wednesday 3 June 2020
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Style Files: Shopping Online for Juniors Dresses

Shopping for juniors dresses can be a little tricky! Right now my daughter is in that weird phase where she doesn’t fit into children’s clothing anymore, but everything in the adult or women’s stores just swallows her. I’ve tried taking her shopping at stores like the Gap, Limited, etc. and she thinks everything looks too old and matronly. She wants to look young and stylish but not like a little kid anymore. The perfect solution to that in-between phase is junior’s stores! Almost every department store will have a juniors section, in addition to children’s and misses sections. Be careful on the sizing, as juniors clothing fits smaller, shorter, and a bit narrower than women’s sizes. I can still remember shopping for a wedding when I inadvertently wound up in the juniors section without realizing it (they were right next to each other). I kept noticing that every dress I tried on in my normal size fit TINY- they wouldn’t even zip up! I was feeling like I must have gained 50 pounds and was about to go into a tailspin when I talked to a store employee and she let me know that no, I was NOT in the misses section; I was actually in the juniors section! Ha! I guess that’s what I get for trying to be hip and trendy at my age. But anyways, I digress. My point is to make sure you find a size chart or something to determine what size you’ll need when shopping for juniors dresses.

Anyways, my daughter is super picky about what she will wear, and I was less than thrilled with the selection at our local mall. We live in a small town and the next mall is 30 minutes away and let’s just says the options there are less than stellar. For one thing, my daughter is in high school and I personally would love for her to look like a little kid forever, but she’s starting to develop a more mature style. When taking her to the mall shopping in the juniors clothing stores, part of the issue I have is that many of the dresses are not age-appropriate. Many of the dresses were skintight and looked like something a 27 year old woman would wear to a nightclub!

It’s really hard to find something nice that’s in good quality so we’re always going back and forth to the mall, ultimately with the same end result, nothing in hand. Luckily I’ve found another solution. Shop online! And yes we’ve all seen those before after where you order one thing and get a totally different one but I found several websites to order know of some of the best websites to order junior dresses online that can help make your life easier. So here are some of my recommendations:


Whenever I see this website I always wish I could somehow go back to being this age so I cute wear these cute junior dresses because I am SOLD. The fabric is amazing, the designs are gorgeous and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful it almost makes you want to spend all your money at one place. They have a lot of dresses depending on what occasion it is or what you want ON the dress itself or what material. Their delivery is speedy and I just can’t get over how gorgeous the prints are. Somehow makes me want to get my young waist and physique back so I could fit into these dresses.

Lily Boutique

If you’re looking for something very classy yet subtle and not really “in your face”, this is the place you go to. They have various styles that are age-appropriate for girls in high school as well as adults, and I love how vibrant their colors are. What I love most about them is that you can follow them up on their Instagram and find out about all the dresses they have sold and what the customers have to say about them or how do they look on people in real life. As a customer and someone who shops online a lot I know how it feels when you need to know if a certain thing would look just as good in real life as it does online.


Macy’s has a very cute collection of dresses for juniors. You can even visit their physical store and that’s really helpful. Their designs aren’t too complicated or super “out” there. They have casual and formal dresses and I love the minimalist art on some of them, seems like they have a really talented designer by their side. I would really recommend checking them out.

These were just some of the recommendations from the top of my head. Let me know in the comments what your favorite places to shop for juniors dresses are and what your experience was with them.