Saturday 7 December 2019
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The Hottest Urban Trends For Fall

Like it or not, the summer is over and it’s time to decidewhat you’ll be wearing for the fall. While the weather has gotten cooler, you’ll still want to look hot this season. Jeans and T-shirts may never go out of fashion, but they do change with the season so don’t assume that your favourite boot-cut blue jeans from last year are going to work their magic again. Skinny and destroyed Biker Denim will be what the smart legs wear this fall and there’s no reason to stop at blue; a huge variety of bold colors should tempt you out of your comfort zone. Jordan Craig and Basic Essentials seem to offer the biggest selections at prices to suit even the most distressed pocket. The look is not so much faded as Fury Road futuristic with acid-washed or ruched style that’s ready-for-action – these jeans look like they’ve seen the apocalypse and weren’t impressed. Shorts are knee-length but otherwise follow the same rules as the jeans – like they have been through Hell but they are ready to party.3

As the nights get longer, so do the tees – they maybe artfully ripped or shredded, but the new fall style is always casual and loose fitting so don’t tuck them in unless it’s for a Halloween costume. Tie-dye has also made a comeback this season, but with a twist; strong reds and neon blues dispel any memories of the summer of love while olive green and camouflage prints keep the feel military rather than sporting. However, just because the t-shirts may resemble military ware, remember that it’s not a uniform, more of a loose dress code; non-conformity and individualism are the goals, so mix and match to suit your own style.

If you are looking for something to bring you back to the good old days, you will be pleased to note that softer, nineties-nostalgic elongated tee options(including Ninja Turtles prints) are also in style this season at the hottest fashion retailers like the online shop ‘Zamage’. Though the colors stay in the same overall palette as the other styles for this look, they’ll stay away from big patterns and stripes as those are out this season. Drop by for a better idea of the options available to you in this hot new fashion trend.

EPTM and Rise are also phenomenal looks, both with good selection and variety. The short-sleeve pullover hoodie will be a welcome and versatile addition to your 2016 fall collection, available in muted tones or camouflage from Basic Essentials, it can be worn under a jacket and/or over a tee.

If you are big on hats, you’ll be happy to note that they haven’t gone out of style this fall, so feel free to top your look off with an old school baseball cap, or maybe a quirky bucket hat from New Era, keeping American heads covered since 1922. The options this fall are many and varied so either allow yourself a week or two of misery at the mall, or just browse online and do your clothes shopping from the comfort of your own couch (like 72% of us now do). Whatever you decide, if you stick to this list of the hottest trends for fall, we know you’ll be stepping out in style.