Wednesday 19 February 2020
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Weddings’ Customs, Rituals, Fun and Entertainment all Change as Time Passes

Your grandfather might talk about how his shaadi was different than today’s’, and your father too.  Because with time trends, style, customs, everything changes a little. And change is good, sometimes. If you go some years back, you would know that in your father’s time, (might have heard about from your parents) all the women of the family including neighbors’ get together at one place and sing folk marriage songs playing Dholak and Peti Baja ( Indian musical instruments). Weddings during that time were all family fun. At that time, there was not the craze of hiring wedding planners, because all the planning family members did including maternal uncles, aunts and friends. At that time wedding functions were longer too due to lots of Indian customs and rituals.

But now time has totally changed. Customs, rituals are still there but have become shorter and less. DJs, Discotheque and live bands in delhi have taken place for wedding fun and entertainment. The more concentration is given on décor, food, and themes; like in which theme you want to plan your wedding. For sangeet ceremony, live bands and DJs are the two best options that brides and groom are paying attention to. Live bands are more trending nowadays.

DJs are fun too but seeing the performance of a live band is like creating and having the experience. Though it depends on the audience what type of it you are having in your wedding. Famous Indian live bands charge higher fees. You can also hire your local town live bands if they are popular in city or town. Western live bands are there too if you are fan of them. These live bands usually perform their own popular singles or you can give your requested songs’ list to them too. But earlier you have to provide the song list provided they can prepare.

Before hiring any live band you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • First you need to book the band earlier whichever you are thinking about hiring.
  • Ask their cancellation policy and booking contract. Ask them whether on the day of the wedding they should not be booked for other function. It can cause your wedding.
  • The performance time, it is very necessary to know for how long hours they will perform. Because charges are according to that. If you keep them for extra minutes or hours, charges could go higher. So it is better to ask them earlier about it.

There are many best live bands for wedding that you can hire for your wedding if your destination wedding is in the city or if you are already there then you already know about it. You can also find the live bands, Djs, anchors for wedding, you can find on It is an online wedding market, one of the best in India and leading where you can find verified vendors for wedding planning.