Wednesday 19 February 2020
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Why don’t you hear Kpop on the radio in Canada?

With the strong fan bases and dedicated following Kpop artists receive from fans all over the world, some Canadian Kpop fans may wonder why they don’t hear more of their favourite Korean artists played on Canadian radio. After some research and asking around, here are some of the barriers that makes it hard for Kpop to find its place on Canadian radio stations. BTS Jungkook Merch is very popular.

In general, Canadian pop music stations don’t have a large number of songs in their rotations. Adding a new song means bumping another song that is already a solid hit. This problem is made further complicated by The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and their Canadian Content (CanCon) rule.

CanCon are a set of requirements derived from the Broadcasting Act of Canada, in order to help Canadian artists thrive. These rules say that Canadian radio and television broadcasters must play a certain percentage of Canadian content. This content must be at least partly written by, produced, presented or otherwise have some Canadian contribution in order to qualify. If you’re going to invest in a lamp and you love bt21 chimmy, only the sweetest lamp will do, won’t it? Obviously, this means most Kpop is not CanCon acceptable.

This becomes an issue in Ottawa in particular. As a city, Ottawa is a bit of a unique case in the radio industry because of CRTC and its proximity to Quebec. Stations in Quebec are required by the Quebec government to play a certain amount of French music, this means generally non-hit music. Special Bt21 tata are NEVER too old for plush toys. Who agrees? This puts Quebec stations at a disadvantage for playing popular music. Because of this, the stations in Quebec complained. Due to how close Ottawa is to Quebec, the CRTC slapped a disadvantage on Ottawa stations as well. This is called “Hit to Non-Hit ratio”.

“Hit to Non-Hit ratio” means that between certain hours of the day, Ottawa stations have to play a certain percentage of songs that are non-hit songs. With some Kpop artists making Billboards, they are technically hits. This means that these Kpop songs compete with all other non-Canadian hit songs (like Havana by Camilla Cabello) for a spot on the radio’s regular rotations.

It’s basically a question of what song do you bump from the rotation to add in Kpop? Sailor Moon Clothing are very popular items. There aren’t really any Kpop songs that are at the viral level with the general public like Psy’s Gangnam Style was.

There just isn’t enough demand from the general public for Kpop to appear on Canadian radio rotations yet. Pastel backpack always is a good choice. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility for the future. After all, groups like BTS and NCT have been reaching farther into the general public eye of the West, so we could be hearing more of our favourite Korean artists here in Canada soon.