Wednesday 3 June 2020
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Why Is It Important to Wear Proper Shoes While Working Out?

Why Is It Important to Wear Proper Shoes While Working Out?

A shoe is an important protective blanket for our feet. The type of shoe we wear should be comfortable, and the correct size is important while selecting a shoe. Wearing bigger shoes might make them come off while walking or running and wearing small size shoes might hurt our toes. The way you pick your shoes should depend on factors like shoe comfortability, size and the color that suits you.

Exercise is one of the easiest and also a challenging way to keep your body fit. Regular exercise not only helps us to be physically fit but also keeps you mentally fresh and confident. Without exercise, our muscles become weak, heart and lungs won’t function efficiently, and the joints become stiff. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking.Image result for Why Is It Important to Wear Proper Shoes While Working Out?

One of the most vital steps towards exercise is the mindset and the gym apparels and shoes you wear to workout. Wearing the right shoe is crucial as our feet come under pressure during workouts. They are pounding treadmills, jumping, skipping, keeping our balance and taking a significant amount of impact. Trying to work out when you experience pain and discomfort, and also the risk of possible injury is worse. Wearing inappropriate shoes causes severe damage to muscles, bones, and joints in our body. This can needlessly derail our fitness or weight loss goals, so investing in a quality pair of shoes is a must. There are many shoes online for us to select and these come with great offers as online shopping is booming these days. There are also different types of shoes available. Ladies shoes are exclusively made for women who work out regularly and which are comfy and durable.

Type of shoes one should use while working out

  • Running shoes absorb shock through additional cushioning as our foot hits the ground, which helps to reduce blisters. Traditional running shoes are manufactured for constant forward motion and so will not support us well for multi-directional movements or sports like aerobics or soccer.
  • Cross training shoes are ideal for people who have a flexible workout routine and attend different courses. These are the most versatile athletic shoes, designed to give more support for sudden changes in direction and impact, and thus makes them an excellent choice for people who like running.
  • Specialty shoes exist for weightlifting, cycling, and hiking.  If we participate in these activities several days per week, it may be worthwhile buying a sports specific shoe to fit our needs. These days all trainers are clearly labeled in stores according to their purpose, which makes it easier for us to choose the right shoe.

We should remember the fact that 25% of our bones in the body are in the feet. The nerves start their function from the feet so if any of our nerves in the feet get damaged, it could affect our whole body. So, we should give up on buying cheap shoes that are not comfortable enough for our feet and replace our shoes online every 50 weeks after frequent usage.